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Friday, February 24, 2012


This is insane!!! I've already got the offer of a giveaway if my followers move over to

I only have 2, but what an awesome pair they are!


Well, for those of you who are close to the family, you may have already heard that our little family of 4 is about to be split into smaller families. After a long fight,  I have decided that I simply cannot fight his alcoholism anymore, and I am going back home to VIRGINIA where I have the love and support of my famiy and friends.

It's funny...its blowing snow and cold, and almost 4 years TO THE DAY that I moved up here, a new bride, with huge hopes of living a life with 2.5 children and a white picket fence and a husband who put me at the top of his list for all the rest of his days. Just not so.

Alcoholism is such a scary disease and if anyone out there is struggling, or loves someone who is struggling, and just wants to talk, PLEASE email me. We could probably benefit a lot form just sharing stories and crying together right now.

I can still be reached at
My etsy store is on "vaca mode" until I get settled, but it is
New blog will be slow to start, but its going to get good my loves!!