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Friday, May 13, 2011

Our Lyla...

God blessed me with one easy going, well trained dog, and then he sent me Lyla...although I get annoyed, she does have her good points...
1. If the heater broke I could use her to warm my bed, Although currently it is 90 degrees and she makes me sweat.
2. She cleans all the food off my floors.
3. If I ever want to see how well my belly has healed from gallbladder surgery, she tests it out daily by giving it a good pounce.
4. If i ever wanted to replant ALL my plants in the yard I would never have to dig them up myself.
5. if I ever went blind and needed to know when I was about to pass a creepy person on the sidewalk, she would let me know by yanking me into the grass. She usually follows this by sitting down and refusing to walk any further.
6. if I ever had the desire to know when someone / something was walking down my street (a man, woman, child, rabbit, squirrel, frog, or mouse) I wouldn't have to wait by the window and watch for them because she finds it a priority to bark at the top of her lungs.
7. If I ever wanted urine "piddles" all over my floor for decoration, I would never have to do it myself.
8. if I ever want to get bathed in dog siliva, I won't ever have to look far.
9. She saves me from hiring an exterminator. Today I watched her lick up ants from outside.
10. She forces me daily to try and be more patient.

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