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Friday, May 20, 2011

Our week...

The last week has been pretty crazy around here.
Last Saturday, we were fortunate enough to take part in the Midwest Dachshund Rescues Cross town bark around fundraiser. There were probably 400ish dogs there and all of their owners. It was cold and rainy the whole time, but we had fun and mingled with other doxie lovers. We didn't win as many raffles as I would have hoped, but we were lucky enough to get a gift card to Magiquest, to take Kyle and Caiden to!
My friend Michelle took this cute family pic, I wish the Osc man was looking, but you can't win it all!

Sunday was pretty chill. I wasn't feeling too hot, my allergies have been kicking in here lately. I mostly layed around with my Oscy at my side.

On Monday Oscar and Lyla had their check ups and shots. We usually drop them off for these because it takes a while, and since Lyla has a history of vaccine reactions, I like them to watch her for a while afterwards. Well, just as before, she had a BAD reaction and ended up vomiting all over the vet tech and got hives. They gave her tons of benedryl and steroids through an IV, and she was much better by the time that we went to pick her up.

Tuesday was my short day at work, so I went to the Goodwill and did a little favorite! I got a cool German sign for the kitchen that I think say "give us this day, our daily bread," but I'm going to have to have Kurt's friends, Greg and Sam check it out, before I hang it up! I also got a few things for Kyle and Caiden to keep here in case of an accident, mud puddle, or crafting mess, and 3 pairs of American Eagle jeans for me, new with tags!!

Wednesday started another migraine. I had it well into Thursday and ended up going to the ER on Thursday afternoon to try and get it stopped. My neurologist told me that migraines are like a cycle, and if you cant stop them...they just keep going and going. Long story short, my heart rate was in the 140's the whole time (which I am 100% was from anxiety, which I believe started the headache in the first place) and they wanted to keep me over night. I REALLY didn't want to, but the Dr was a jerk and said that if I didn't stay, he would sign me out AMA (Against Medical Advice) and that it was possible that my insurance wouldn't pay. What choice did I have at that point? They did a lumbar puncture (aka spinal tap) to make sure that there was no infection, and low and behold, Dr.Emily was right the whole time...anxiety!!

Anyway, here I sit on Friday, feeling much better except that I feel like someone drove a spike into my back =( I have my fur kids and my hubby here with me though, and we are planning out our weekend. We decided today that we need more I am going to plan some tonight and put them in a hat to pull out for a rainy day!

Have a wonderful weekend and remember to hug and kiss your loved ones, you never know whats going to happen!

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