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Friday, July 22, 2011

Congrats to an old friend!!!

Last weekend one of my oldest, and dearest friends got married in the Florida Keys. Kurt and I were very sad that we were unable to make it, but from the pictures I can tell that it was beautiful and TONS of fun!!! Just like Steph and Mary!!

I've known Stephan (aka "The German" or "The dirty German") since 11th grade. He had just moved to the states from Berlin with his mom. We were in American Civ class together and he was failing at the time because he was having a hard time with the language, adjusting to being here without friends and family, etc. We talked in class but that was about it.

German's step-dad happened to be a medic at one of the local volunteer rescue squads, and we ended up being in EMT class together and having a lot of the same friends from the firehouse. I actually dated one of his friends and we all hung out non-stop the whole summer before college. I've lost touch with most of the other friends I had back then, but the German and I have stayed in touch through it all. Here are some favorite Dirty German moments.

1. He showed up to my graduation party and asked for a beer. He then referred to his parents as "those  fuckers..." in front of my grandma.
2. Once I said something about cuddling. He replied "is that like sheep?" He thought I meant cattle, not cuddle.
3. On September 11th, 2011 we both walked out of school after the planes hit the twin towers to go to the firehouse. He convinced me that it was a good idea to drive my car over a railroad tie that separated parking spots. FAIL.
4. A long drive into the middle of nowhere to pick up his German Shepherd, K9 officer Max.
5. When he introduced me to his WIFE!! She is awesome and perfect for him. She is an incredible artist, athlete, chef and she makes me laugh!

Congrats to you both!! A lifetime of love, with the love of  your life!!!

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