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Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Birf-day to my Momma!

Despite the fact that my sisters and I are 27, 25, and (almost) 22 years old, we STILL make momma some pretty kick-ass gifts, just as we did when we were 7, 5 and (almost) 2!

My mom is an amazing artist, and it's no doubt that we all got our  creativity from her. She taught us from a very young age to make beautiful art work with everyday items that we had laying around the house or that we found outside in nature, or even in the garbage!

I got this shadow box/frame at Michael's, on sale for $4. I Iris-folded the hexagon in the middle with scrap paper that I had around the house and the buttons were in my button jar. Insead of a card, I just used one of those silver sharpies and wrote a message to her on the back of the frame. Good to go. I love it, and I hope she does too.

Happy Birthday to the very best Momma a girl could EVER ask for!!!!

**also, Happy 84th Birthday to my Dadad!

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