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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Whats worse than thunder storms for 2 days straight?

Thunder storms AND 100 degrees!!

This weather is hell. I really like the rain. I do. I always have. But this rain is insane. It doesn't cool things off at all. Not one degree. As soon as I wash my hair and dry it, I open the back door and it instantly frizzes up again. I looked in the mirror the other night and my hair was all frizzed out and I realized that I AM my mother. Which is not so bad, she is a fabulous mother...but she has some wild ass hair, and I guess mine has a mind of its own now too. Ugh.

Oscar and Lyla don't even want to be outside. Oscar LOVES the sun usually. He lays around in any sunny spot he can find like a cat. Not this week. Just does his business and RUNS back in.

On another note...we took the kiddos to the Rainforest Cafe this weekend. Although the service is usually bad and the food is overpriced, it was all worth it because they both said it was the "best day ever!"

While we were waiting for a table, the boys wanted to go up and down the escalator by themselves, so we waited at the bottom and watched them. I caught this picture of them as Caiden was watching these girls in front of him. He is starting to notice girls, but won't admit it.

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