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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Best sister, ever!

I just wanted everyone out there in blog land, who may not already know....that my sister, Hannah, is the best sister ever!
She would probably be all kinds of embarrassed if she knew I was posting this, and I don't really care.

She knew that I have been going through a lot lately with my health and some personal problems at home and also some issues at work because I had been calling her to vent. In my family we do a lot of venting, I know that it helps me to kind of get things off of my chest and move on. I never expected this delivery from a poor college kid to arrive at my door! And they're orange! And in an orange vase! They could not be more perfect! They brightened my day!

I love you, Hannah Bean! Ace Face! Butthead! You are the best baby sister a girl could ever ask for!!

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