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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sunday school lessons

I decided that some of you out in bloggy land might teach Sunday school too, and like me, you might not like the old, boring craft ideas in the books that they give I will share mine with you.

This lesson was on Moses and the burning bush. If you aren't familiar with the lesson, God speaks to Moses through a burning bush and tells him to go to the Pharaoh and free his people. Moses was scared that the Pharaoh would not believe him, so God gave him a miracle to show the Pharaoh. He told Moses to throw his staff onto the ground and it turned into a snake.

The craft in the Sunday school book was for me to draw a bush onto a piece of paper, and to have the boys glue pieces of red and orange tissue paper onto it so that it looked like it was on fire. LAME...especially for my boys, who I have a hard time getting interested in the crafts anyway!! So Kurt and I decided to do something with the staff and the snake idea. And this is what we came up with....
A staff ( 1x2 cut into 2 foot pieces) with dollar store snakes glued onto it, and the "memory verse" for the day glued onto it as well. 

Oh hey! That kid is cute isn't he!! I have some cute pics of the other 2 boys in my class ( I have 3 boys, ages 5 and 6) but since I don't have the permission of their parents, I'm not going to post pics of other people's just enjoy my sweet Kyle.


  1. That is so cute, in a snakey sort of way. That is definitely something the boys would like!

  2. Now if I could only keep Kyle from beating things with it!!