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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cheesy pumpkin

I've gotten an email or two about the pumpkins in my fall decor post, so since Halloween is in just a few days (really? When did that happen?? Didn't the pool JUST close?) I'll post about my pumpkins this week so that you can see how easy they were.

This first one is my FAVORITE!! The Cheesy Pumpkin!

I bought one of those paper pumpkins at Jo Ann's and used a 40% coupon making it a few dollars. Then I painted it using a mixture of off white and orange craft paint to get the right, Swiss cheesy color that I wanted. Then I used black to add the "holes."

The mouse (rat?) came from the Dollar Tree, about a million years ago. He is missing an eye...ah well. He serves his purpose.

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