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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

epic fail...

So my husband is quite crafty despite the hard, manly exterior he pretends to have.

He usually helps me with manly things like sanding and spray painting. I think tonight may be the last night I ask for help.

I worked really hard on a puzzle for my friend Katie's baby girl. I bought a simple, toddler's puzzle with basic wooden shapes and spray painted the whole thing, and then put pictures of Virginia wildlife in each of the "holes" so that the baby would match the animals together.

Katie comes from a long line of outdoors men and women, and I wanted baby girl to have something to use to learn her animals from the start. There was a white tailed deer, raccoon, snapping turtle, bull frog, opossum, etc.

Anyway, Kurt thought he was helping and sprayed the wrong color on top and ruined the whole thing. Accidents happen, but man on man...36 hours before I leave for Virginia? Sucks to be me!

Shes only a month old anyway, I'll remake it and give it to her for her 1st birthday :) I'll post pics of the mess later.

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