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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Virginia trip so far...

Naturally I LOVE being back home in Virginia, but I can honestly say that it is EXHAUSTING!!
Here is my "schedule" so far:

4pm: Arrive at airport, pick up rental car. My parents both work and I'm impatient, so this prevents me from having to get rides and allows me to make all of the necessary visits to various people and places during my trip.

5:30pm: Drop suitcase off at Mom and Dad's, say hello if they are home from work. Pick up Aron's birthday present and head out there to spend time with boys in case custody case does not go as planned.

6:00pm: Arrive at Matt's and hang out with boys until it's time for bed. Give Aron his EIGHTH birthday present (I'm still having trouble with the fact that he is 8!) which is a metal detector. I'm sure we will have to detect some metal before I leave.

9:00pm: Drive back to Mom and Dad's house, hang out with Mom, sisters, dogs, and Dad (if he isn't on call) until I crash, face-first into my uber comfy, childhood bed


6:00am: Wake up and get all fancy to go to court house for custody hearing, pray that judge does not call on me as a witness, I am not looking forward to this, but I will do what I need to for my boys.

8:00am: Court, I have no idea how long this takes, and depending on the outcome, I'm sure we will go out afterwards, or not, or play with boys, or not...I have NO IDEA!

Friday evening/afternoon: back to Mom and Dads, hang out with them and sisters, possibly go to Laura's and see her new place.

Drive to Potomac Mills to Scrub outlet and get new scrubs for work, woot! Buy gifts for hubby, because that's how I roll. There are also some badass fabric shops there, which could be dangerous!

AM: Wake up, get ready, drive to Hume and get Katie and baby girl to go to swap meet/flea market and then yard saleing for the rest of the morning/afternoon. Hang out with baby girl, give her lots of gifts, smell her, kiss her, hold her and soak every moment in.

PM: Back to parents and chill out, likely a BBQ...really hoping my dad is not on call. Possibly drive to grandparents house. My grandma has Alzheimer's pretty bad, I call her every week, but she rarely remembers :(

Flight at 7pm, need to return car by 4:30 and get to airport by 5
If I don't hang out with Laura earlier, this will be my Laura time.
No plans otherwise.

Could there be time in there for a tattoo? Some Christmas shopping? A visit with Heather and her sweet babes? I hear Bare Naked Ladies is playing in Fredericksburg this weekend...whose in?? Who else is in Warrenton this weekend?

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