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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

And Happy Belated Weiner Dog Wednesday! I missed 2 in a row! Shame on me! I've been in migraine hell again :( boo! Apparently the new treatments are not working as well as we had expected!

Today is bitersweet for me. I love Thanksgiving food, and being with my husband and my doggie-Os and naturally having the day off, but I MISS my FAMILY like crazy on holidays! Since I can remember we all got together at my dad's parent's farm and ate a HUGE meal around 3pm and all of us kids would run around the farm and get into some sort of mischeif and even now that we are all adults, the farm is a magical place and I miss being there with my parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins and now there are even some 2nd cousins and neices and nephews crawling around!

Today we will be going to Kurt's mom's house to have Thanksgiving dinner with her and  her boyfriend and then over to his uncle Ron's house where some of the other family is, including my BFF, Laura and her son and daughter!!! I can't wait to see Laura! (Long story short, she is how I met Kurt! She and I used to work together and I miss her terribly!!) She is up from Virginia until Saturday and I feel like I need to be with her RIGHT NOWWWWW!!

Here are some pics of Osc and Lyla getting their Thanksgiving on last year!

During the rest of the year, they are on a NO table food diet since Mr. Oscar has to watch his figure (at 17.5 lbs, he is on the heavy side for a mini doxie, which is very bad for his spine,) but on Thanksgiving I made them a plate of plain sweet potatoes and plain turkey just because they are so sweet!

I wish you all a wonderful holiday full of time with family anf friends and deliciousness!


  1. They are so cute. Hope your day was a good one even though you were far from home. We used to have a huge family Thanksgiving, but since my Mom died two years ago we have sort of all split off into smaller groups :(.

  2. Being far from home is always hard but all in all we had a good day. Having my BFF Laura here from Virginia here was a huge help! Having to work the next day was not!! I'm sorry to hear about your mom. Sometimes our Momma's are the glue that holds families together,I know mine is!!