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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Oh my!

Its been over a week since I even read any of my regular blogs, let alone POSTED anything! Shame on me! Since being hospitalized on Halloween for 5 days, I just haven't felt like myself. I went back to work 48 hours after being discharged and I feel like I have just been running around like the Tasmanian devil ever since!!

On a happier note, the terrible treatments that I underwent seem to be working and since November 4th, when I finished them, I have had 2 migraines, which is a HUGE improvement from the 3-4 per week that I had been experiencing for the last 8 months or so. The side effects are not so hot though, and I am still working through some daily nausea that makes me feel like a beast and then I get dehydrated and feel some leg cramps and things like that. But hey...things can only get better from here right???

In my last post I said that I bought a 10 pound lot of buttons off of eBay. What a rip off, they came in the littelest box ever! I was expecting so much more! I am still going to make some of these little beauties though.

The Dollar Tree had some foam balls and pins with yellow heads, so I was thinking about using those with black and white buttons for an ornament for my sister, Hannah who goes to VCU so show some school spirit! Go Rams!
My Momma and Dad went to and met at VCU too, so if it turns out cute, I just might make a few more in those colors! And hey, you can't beat the pins being a buck!!

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