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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Party Decor

Since the hubs and I got married in Virginia, we decided to have a smallish reception here in Chi-Town to celebrate with his friends and relatives as well. We didn't have a huge budget to begin with for the wedding, so adding a 2nd celebration to the mix made it even tighter.

My wedding was in October, so it made my color choices really easy since it was outside. Chocolate brown, copper, and burgundy. But our reception was in March. I didn't really want to do the same colors, because I didn't think it went well with the season, but I also didn't want to do pastels or cheesy St. Patrick's day themes or anything like that.

Soooo...I stuck with the chocolate brown, and picked up apple green. I liked the color combination and it worked well for the space that we were in. I was able to get chocolate brown table clothes, plates, cups and silverware all at the Dollar Tree, which helped. Then I got Apple green and white polka-dot napkins at Target so that EVERYTHING wouldn't be brown.

Then I was able to have some fun! We had 4 main tables going down the room for people to sit and eat. (These people are German...parties are for eating!!) So in the center of each table, I got a large cylindrical vase from Ikea for $13 and filled them with Granny Smith apples.

Then, scattered throughout the other tables, and along the long tables, Kurt and his cousin, Todd used their drills to drill holes into the apples just big enough for a tea light candle and they looked so nice!! (Oh yes, and these little apples also caused an ER visit, some stitches and a tetnus shot for the hubs...oops!)

I also bought apple green goodie bags and filled them with treats for kiddos and tied them with a brown ribbon. We used the guest book from our wedding and handed out the left over BBQ sauce favors from our wedding in Virginia. The cake was from Costco...$16! Woo!
Hands down best part for me was that my "baby" sister, Hannah was here!! I took 3 days off from work after the reception and took her to the Chicago art gallery, the Sears tower, tons of shopping, and hanging out! I miss her like a fat kid misses pie!!
Oh yes, and that party WAS for Kurt and I, so here is one of me and him as well =)

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