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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thrift store furniture

I LOVE a good thrift store find. It's always fun to find something that is already in good shape and "ready to use," but lets face it, that rarely happens now does it?

Most thrifty furniture lands at your local Goodwill, Salvation Army etc for a reason, because its old and crusty and someone doesn't want it any more right?

Imagination! That's the name of the game with these places! You have to see the potential in a piece and then convince your husband of that potential when he hassles you about why you've brought home yet another busted, crusty old desk, chair, bowl, shelf, you can fill in the blank here:________________.
(I have a dresser in my craft room with a drawer devoted to thrifty finds that have not yet met their potential and therefore must stay in the drawer until husband can see them,so that I don't get lip from him! ha ha. I does not matter if they cost 25 cents, he will get mad that they are junk!)

So, Imagination and Spray Paint! Those are the KEY ingredients here!

I wish I had some more pics to show you, but here are just a few. The rest are still out there reaching their potential. This first one is an AMAZING desk that my sister, Hannah did with a piece of junk desk she found for a few bucks on craigslist:
Gorgeous right? She spray painted the body of it with high gloss black paint and then the drawers with a turquoise color and replaced the knobs and wa-la! Then she stacked a bunch of crap on it so that I couldn't get a good picture. Meh.

And here is a little somehing I had posted about before, but its craptacular to fabulous!

Have a thrifty Tuesday!!

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