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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Recycled Spoon ornament

Every year at our church, they do a ladies ornament exchange. Along with that, 3 crafts are taught and dessert is served and we play a few games. Last year I was honored when they asked me to teach one of the crafts. Traditionally the same few ladies had done the teaching, but since my mother-in-law was one of them, and she was on a cruise, I got to step in.

As usual, I wanted to use something that was reused or upcycled or recycled or something! I also didn't want to go broke trying to create a cute craft for 30 people! I searched the Internet and didn't come up with anything perfect, so I just kept looking around for some item that would give me some inspiration.

Then one day in Goodwill, I was looking through the kitchen items and the silverware caught my eye. For some odd reason, I started looking through them, and I noticed that the spoons in particular were really cool. Because they were all mismatched and not from a set, there were all different patterns and textures in there! Some were engraved with monograms, some were obviously stolen from restaurants and airlines, some just had neat shapes and lines. I couldn't resist. For the next few weeks I went on a search for cool spoons.

I hot glued pipe cleaners that looked like Christmas tree branches onto the spoons to make them look like trees, and then I had a variety of materials available and just let the ladies go to town! Most of these are my examples. I love them all!!
 My "classic" black and red tree, with the spoon showing. Love love love love love!

This was my "rustic" tree with plain burlap wraped around the spoon, tied with simple red ribbon, and a plain wooden star at the top.

This last one is of my Aunt Donna, who says she "doesn't have creative bone in her body," I think you ALL can agree with me that she is wrong on that one!!


  1. clever and adorable!!

  2. This is too cute! I love repurposed crafts! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love meeting fellow bloggers!

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  4. How cute is THAT! Thanks for sharing!