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Sunday, December 18, 2011

What I wore.

As I said before, I am not really that trendy or skinny or anything...but what I CAN do is find a good buy and make it presentable for going to church and being a Deacon's wife! Ahem, Mr. Deacon, you should take lessons on photography and give me 30 seconds to get ready next time! Grrr!

Red dress-- brand is "Newport News," Thrifted for $5

Black Cardigan-- Old Navy on sale for $9

Black leggings--Walmart $5.98, everyday...not on sale! Stock up! I have like 3 pairs of black, a gray and a brown!

Black boots--a splurge! Naturalizer $150, 3 years ago. I have beast calf muscles, and I have to have wider boots if I want them to be knee high, so I have to spend a little more!

Sunglasses-- hoisted right off of my baby sister's dresser, some time ago!

Add a side bun and a smile, and you are good to go, and teach Sunday School, or whatever you all do on Sundays :)

Have a good one!!

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