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Monday, September 26, 2011

What I wore.

OK so I just don't do "outfit" posts. Why? because I am in no way stylish. I am also overweight and I don't look good in my clothes for the most part. If you want to see some KICK ass outfit posts go on over and see
Kristen @  or
Chelsea @ or
Mandy @

These girls are extremely fashionable, and beautiful too. Me? not so much. But today I put together an outfit that I was not so sure about, and we don't have a full length mirror in the house (I know, what the heck?) so I asked Kurt to take a picture of me in the church parking lot so that I could see what I looked like, because it seemed like a logical way to see what I looked like.

I know its not the best pic, because I wasn't ready, and he refused to take any more. But you get the idea right? I thought it was on OK outfit for a rainy day of going to church and teaching Sunday school. While I AM a deacon's wife, I choose not to get too fancy, because I teach 5 and 6 year olds and I usually end up sitting on the floor. So here goes nothing...I'm nervous!!!

SHEW...I'm totally interested in what all you Bloggy Mcbloggersons have to say! My boots are WAY more gray in real life, so they look mis-matched here.

*hair-Frizz galore courtesy of the Chicago humidity and my blow dryer blowing the fuse in the bathroom FOUR times this morning!!!

*yellow sundress-found it on the Kohl's clearance rack for $3.20, and then I had a 30% off coupon, so yeah

*cardigan-Kohl's, but thrifted


*boots-TJ Maxx (really, they're gray and not brown, ugh, now you think I can't match!)

*necklace 1- the short one, from Miss Monkey's Boutique as recommended from Rachael @ Its Amber. She puts their Amber teething necklaces on her kids to help sooth their teething pain. I did some research on Amber and saw that it could help chronic pain, so I decided to try it to help with some of the back and hip pain that I have from the bulging discs in my spine. So far so good.

*necklace 2-the long one, I found that in the Jewel parking lot, Kurt teases me that some old lady is looking for it. Its a cheap plastic necklace, but it has yellow in it, so I wore it today.

Give me some feedback. Am I a total freak? Do those loser boots ruin everything? Help a girl out!

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