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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Townhouse manners?

My neighbors next door are SO loud in the evenings when they come home from work! Every time one of them comes in they SLAM the sliding glass door, which then sends Oscar into a barking frenzy.

After they get settled, I think they like to rearrange their furniture, or wrestle, or something...because there is a lot of banging around against our living room wall for about 30-45 minutes every night. It doesn't really bother us, because we aren't sleeping at that time, and its not so bad that its knocking things off of our wall or anything.

However, they have made it pretty CLEAR how they feel about my dog and his barking. I'll be the first to admit that he voices his opinion a little more often than he should, but a lot of it is directly CAUSED by them slamming doors, etc.

Anyone else have a similar situation with a neighbor? What did you do? Is there any real solution that doesn't end with angry neighbors?

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