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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Diaper cake supplies

So once upon a time, I used to make diaper cakes and sell them. I was working as a nanny at the time, and this was a pretty good little side job. I also made them for every friend and family member who had a baby for YEARS.

Unfortunately, when you move 800 miles away, something that is 3 feet tall and not-so-durable is kind of hard to sell and give as gifts. Shipping diaper cakes is not very cost efficient.

Anyway, a friend and former co-worker is due in November and REALLY wants a diaper cake at her shower. I would LOVE to make it for her and baby Gabby, but it would be easier for me to teach her how to do it. So here it goes!

1. Diapers, I usually use size 2 or 3, so that mommy-to-be doesn't have to take it apart right away. Also remember that different diaper brands have different designs on them, so be careful. If you are doing a pretty pink pastel cake, don't buy diapers with annoyingly bright cartoon characters on them. For this cake I chose Luvs, because they have simple, purple lines on them. The monkey can be rolled into the inside so it can't be seen.

2. Rubber bands. You could go to Walmart and buy a "variety" pack of rubber bands, but you won't be able to use half of them. I find it a lot easier to pay $1 or 2 extra and get a whole pack of the same size at Staples or Office Max.

3. Wooden dowel. 1/4 inch. Usually about 70 cents or less at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, etc.

4. Cake "base." Sometimes I use cardboard cake circles that can be found at party stores for less than $1. Unfortunately, I haven't found anywhere local here in Chicago that sells them individually...only in packs of 5. This time I went with a cheap, metal pizza pan from Walmart for $3. You can also find a smaller version at some dollar stores. I needed a BIG base, and I didn't feel like driving all over creation to find one, so I just got the Walmart one.

5. Ribbon. Lots of ribbon. I like to use at least 5 different ribbons of different widths. I chose the ribbons for this cake based off of this one cool, striped ribbon and the butterfly that I wanted to use for the top.

6. Washcloths, pacifiers, sunglasses, baby lotion, baby shampoo, infant tylenol, socks, blankets, etc etc etc For this cake I didn't use a lot, just washcloths to make the bows, but I have made some that are just STUFFED with cute stuff for mommy and baby.

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