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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Diaper cakes from my former life...

So as I said before, I used to make diaper cakes and give them as gifts and sell them as a little side gig. I was talking about them in some earlier posts (here and here) as I walked my friend, Mel through making one for her baby shower.(It's today...good luck, girl! I can't wait to see pics!!)

I wanted to get on my OLD computer and show you guys a few of my older cakes to gives you a few ideas on how you could use other supplies to make the cakes unique to whoever you were giving it to, and how you could even use towels or other items to make a "cake" for a bridal shower or housewarming party! Enjoy!

1. This was a simple, 2 tiered cake with red ribbon, primary colored baby spoons, and a teether sticking out of the top for a neutral shower.

2. This was a 2 tiered cake for a NASCAR loving family done with black and white checkered flag ribbon and car accessories, including a bib and teething rings.

3. Three tiered jungle themed cake with zebra ribbon, jungle bath accessories, Johnson and Johnson baby bath and some booties.

4. Three tiered cake with spoons, socks, teddy bear and blue wash cloth bows.

5. Two tiered cake for a set of winter twins! Pink and green socks, eating utensils and stuffed animals.
 6. Housewarming "cake" made out of a cake pan, dish towel, spoon, pasta fork, measuring cups, measuring spoons and timer.
 7. Easy to mail, one tier diaper cake! I got these containers at the party store and made the diaper cake to fit inside! So cute!!
 8. Wedding "cake" with 2 towels, 2 hand towels, and 2 wash cloths. You can find beautiful and very reasonably priced towels at places like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, etc

**Please use this for your own use, do not sell or distribute items created using this.

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