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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Weiner Dog Event

I found my camera!

On Saturday, my Mother-In-Law, Kurt, Oscar, Lyla and I went to an event for the Suburban Chicago Dachshund Lovers. This month's theme was "Walkin' in a Weiner Wonderland."

Oscar and Lyla ran and ran and ran with about 20 other dachshunds. Oscar especially liked chasing after a wirehaired, standard doxie, named Gorilla. =)

I feel so blessed to have found this group not long after we got Oscar. They were constant support to a new puppy owner, and I have met a lot of really wonderful people. They have get togethers every month or so, with themes, food, costume contests, etc.

 Oscar and Lyla get a lot of exercise and socialization, and have even gone swimming for the first time with these new friends. They especially love their auntie Patti, who organizes the events, and gives them lots of hugs and kisses. She does a great job!!!

Doxies are very hard to photograph in general. They move way too fast and have the attention span of a toddler! So here are just a few pictures from the event!

Sam and Lorna Doone
This is Patti's Oscar Mayer...he will turn 17 next month!!

My babes

My Lyla always begging to be held by her momma...

Osc doing a little butt sniffing

Kurt's mom made these harness vests for them, they are awesome and keep them from pulling too much on their sensitive spines.

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