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Monday, June 20, 2011

Oscar found a friend...

 So here we are relaxing on the couch watching TV on a Monday night.  Oscar rings the bell to go out, as he does several times a day, and we let him out. A few minutes later he starts barking wildly, so Kurt goes out to see what all the commotion is all about.
He has somthing pinned in the corner. Kurt calls me, he tells me to bring the camera. Does he know me or what?

Kurt says its a frog, its clearly a toad. Remember that Kurt grew up in suburban Chicago and did not have the luxury of chasing and trapping toads as a child like I did :)
So I picked it up, otherwise Oscar would have stood there all night barking at it.

Hello there.

See, Kurt...its not a Frog...because it didn't turn into a prince :)

So I let Osc sniff it and say goodbye...please excuse the pasty stems. Its been a rough summer thus far.

And I walked it to a nice, grassy place where it could be FAR away from our dogs!!

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