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Thursday, June 16, 2011

There is hope for this world.

I drive to work every morning on Meacham Road in Schaumburg. Its pretty busy and there are several very large businesses along the way, so there are tons of cars turning on and off the whole way. I'm pretty used to having to stop and/or slow down near the Motorolla plant, the turn for Ikea, Panera, the daycare, etc because of this.

Today however, all FOUR lanes were at a COMPLETE stop in a strange place. There are no driveways or side streets around at all. I was kind of annoyed but interested to see why 10+ cars would be stopped in the middle of the road and then I saw....

An ENTIRE family of Canadian Geese.
8 fuzzy headed babies.

I was seriously impressed. Usually Chicago drivers are so busy with themselves that they will run PEOPLE over, let alone a cute little goose family! So what did I do? I pulled over and took a picture of them in the drainage pond that they were headed to, isn't that what everyone does on their commute to work???
It was raining, I didn't have a lot of time, and despite my quacking loudly at them, they wouldn't look. But I like their fuzzy heads...too stinkin' cute! Reminds me of my little cousin, Lincoln!

He has a cute little fuzzy head too :)

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