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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sassy Pants

Our Lyla has quite a big personality for an 11 pound pup. She LOVES giving kisses and getting belly rubs from anyone she happens to sucker into sitting next to her. We adopted Lyla in April of 2010 and within a month we found out that she had a liver disease. Because of this, her vet does not feel that it is safe to use anesthesia in order to spay her.

Soooo....what does that have to do with anything? She's in heat...again.

We survived her first heat about a year ago. It really wasn't that bad. Our vet warned us that this one would be worse. She said that this time around she would be like a teenager in heat...grrrreat.

This is just the first day, but so far, she is cracking me up. She rolls around on her back making silly crying/cooing noises and does NOT like wearing her diapers, even though I bought her some really CUTE ones!!

Momma, please don't show people pictures of my diapers!!

Cute fleece diapers. Very sassy to go with her personality!
Check out those nips! Wowza girl!

We will see how cute I think this is in another week!

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