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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

That kid's mind is like a sponge...

So as I said earlier, I had the nephews over the weekend. Kurt was here, but for a good part of it I was alone, which was a first...and a challenge to say the least, but it was fun and exciting as usual with those two.

On Friday night we had to go to a little birthday shindig not far from our house, so I bathed them when I got home and we raced out the door.

As with a lot of kids in America, we passed a McDonalds and they suddenly became "starving." I told them that we were going to a party where there would be food, so no Mickey D's! I don't usually dig on stuffing them full of fast food anyway, but I was actually really thirsty, and so were they, so I finally agreed to just stop for some drinks.

Iced tea for me, fruit punch for Kyle, and Sprite for Caiden.

Then they saw the billboard with the pokemon toys. Like I said, I dont like to give them fast food, but I learned a while back that you can buy the toy for $1.70 or somthing. I know its dumb, but it means a lot to them. They had been at the hospital ALL day with Kurt's uncle who has pneumonia until I could get to them after work, and they were SO I asked the lady for 2 pokemons to go with our drinks.

On the way to the party, they were playing, as boys do with action figures...and "fighting" them. This is what I heard:

Caiden: "My guy's name is super megatron, he has powers, and he will EAT you!"
Kyle: "Well my monster's name is RONALD and he wants to go to OFFICE MAX!!!"

I personally never go to OfficeMax, but I am sure Aunt Donna must take them...too funny!!

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