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Friday, June 3, 2011

This neighborhood...

Since moving here in March, I can honestly say that I love living here. The first day that we met with the association manager, I knew that this was the place for me and my family.
I love the beautiful lanscaping and the fact that I don't have to maintain it.
I love the free pool and 24 hour fitness center.
I love parking my car directly behind my back gate.
I love saying good morning and hello to all of the neighbors that I see.
I love that we have a state trooper as a next door neighbor.
I love watching my dogs romp around in their own yard!!

You knew that there had to be a but...
Lately I have been getting annoyed with little things around here.
Maybe it's because I haven't been feeling that great, so I'm just crabby in general.
I hate that the garbage man comes at 7:30am EVERY SATURDAY MORNING!!
I hate that they don't allow bikes, skates, or skateboards on the the kids are all in the street!
I hate that Aurellio's pizza is so desperate for business that they stuff a menu in my mailbox every day.
I hate that some people have assigned parking and some don' annoying.

Enough! For God's sake its Friday...time to lighten up!!
For those of you who have not visited, this is our new digs...

Wipe your paws, bitchez!

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