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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Quick craft/gift idea..

Last week we were invited to a surprise 40th birthday party for our friends, Sam and Liz. They are an awesome, fun-loving couple who are both celebrating the big 4-OH with Kurtie this year. Since I was in the hospital, and then at home recovering for a few weeks, I didn't get to do much shopping.
I wanted to do somthing cute and funny, but not somthing that would just sit on a shelf collecting dust. So, this is what I came up with. I thought it was funny (probably because I'm not the one turning 40 this year..haha) and I know that they will enjoy the lollipops with their super cute kiddos, Emma and Nathan. Once the bucket is empty, they can throw it out, or use it to store or organize pretty much anything!

Clear paint bucket- Michaels (somewhere around $5 or $6)
Ribbon scraps to tie onto the handle-free from my stash
3 packages of lollipops-Meijer (you could also use hard candies and still write SUCKS on it)
Craft paint-free from my stash

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