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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

As with most people, I have an enormous amount of crap in my house shoved into drawers and closets. I also have a (bad?) habit of picking up things at thrift stores and garage sales that I think I can use later on.

I also have an infatuation with spray paint and the fact that it can totally change  the way that you use or look at an item.

I went looking through my thrift store crap and found a few things that I wanted to make into a pretty little candy dish for work. We were using a Thanksgiving themed basket, complete with leaves and pumpkins. I work in a brand new office with beautiful woodwork and granite counter tops...the dumb basket just didn't fit in well.

So here we go...

I started with these 2 little little beauties. Both of them were in my stash of crap er things I have picked up at thrift stores with every intention of using. The salad bowl was $1 and brand new with tags on it...and the little candle stick was $1 and needed a little work to get wax off of worries, I'm going to paint it anyway!

Then I sanded those bad boys down. I didn't even really do that great of a job...just took the finish off. Don't spend more than 10 minutes on it...its not going to matter in the long run!

I glued them together using gorilla glue, simply because that is what I had here in the house. I put some weight on it and let it dry overnight.

Coat of spray paint and ta da! Not too shabby..except the girls at work say that it should be bigger (to hold more candy, naturally.)
*I have seen similar projects on other blogs, so by all means, I am not taking credit for "inventing," this, just showing what I did and how to make it your own!

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